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Giving back.. Mariah is featured on KSTP channel 5 news

Minnesota Moment: Photographer Offers Free Photos to Police and Firefighters

May 04, 2017 10:41 PM

An Elk River photographer is using her skills to give back to law enforcement and firefighters.

Mariah Talbot is offering free photo shoots for police officers, firefighters and their families.

The idea came to her after working with women’s rights organizations. Talbot said her admiration for police and firefighters grew after seeing them help people who were abused.

“Sometimes we think we have nothing we can give, maybe we’re poor and we don’t have money and maybe all we do is bake,” Mariah Talbot said. “But there is always something we can do and when we come together that’s when great things happen.”

Talbot said she hopes the photos will be permanent reminders for the work officers and firefighters do.

“It’s what’s important to them as a memory to hold on to,” Talbot said. “It’s history. When we’re old we look at our pictures, and our kids look at our pictures and our grandkids look at those pictures.”

The offer is only for police officers and firefighters.

Talbot sets aside certain days out of the month for these special photo shoots.

You can book your appointment by calling Talbot or checking out her website.


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