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Wedding Photography


I strive to capture intense feelings and genuine moments. For me, it’s all about the authenticity of a moment between the two of you, or with your family and friends. I want to give you the moments that you live and feel every day.

I believe that those moments, both small and large, can be captured and relived to tell a story again and again. I want you to be able to look back a month from now — a year from now — forty years from now, and STILL feel what it felt like that day. To feel that nervous excitement, the never-ending smile beaming across your face, the soft, secret touches exchanged when no one else may have been looking. I hope you feel that cold mist around you like you did when you laughed uncontrollably while getting soaked under a waterfall, or what it felt like to run around wild and so in love without a care in the world. But most of all, I want you to feel all the emotions that you did that day — the fast heartbeats, the butterflies, the overwhelming love — just as when you were standing there however long ago. These are memories that should be cherished for a lifetime.

I’m inspired by the beauty that surrounds us — places that I’ve been and places that I have yet to explore. Often the best settings are those that are off the beaten path. Let’s find that special somewhere you love, somewhere new, somewhere that you will never forget. You’re unique — your photos should be a reflection of you.

Mariahmac Designs


Come travel with me to faraway places or places closer to home. Let me help you keep those moments and make them last forever. For any of lives special occasions or for the pages of your favorite magazine. Let's make this journey together.


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