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I have worked as a photographer for almost 20 years but I have worked in Fashion and Beauty even longer than that. I started out my journey by going to Fashion School in Gothenburg, Sweden where I was born and raised. I eventually changed my major and became a photographer.
While living in Nashville in the late 90's I started to make period gowns and attire, especially from the 1860's era. This taught me discipline and work with a great multitude of materials in one garment.
In the early 2000s, I because a photographer full time and thrived in the portrait and wedding part of my occupation, in which I won multiple awards and was published over and over again. I fell in love with the Fashion photography part of it and Models became a part of my everyday life and shoots.
My own daughter became a successful model who now lives and works in NYC. I wanted to help model "make it". And this is still my passion today.
But the pandemic changed so much for all of us and I was no exception I revisited my passion for fashion and started making dresses and gowns and robes with photography in mind. In a matter of months, the dresses and skirts had been published in publications worldwide and by Spring of 2021, I got to show my collection at Minnesota Fashion Week which was a great honor! I am excited to see what the future brings but for the time being all my gowns and robes are individually made with a lot of love.




Mariahmac Designs


Come travel with me to faraway places or places closer to home. Let me help you keep those moments and make them last forever. For any of lives special occasions or for the pages of your favorite magazine. Let's make this journey together.


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