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What I look for when I book Models

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Do you want to be a model? 

What I look for when I look for models for my Collaborations TFP Shoots 

Have you ever been turned down for a model job? Knowing why can help. There are things that might help you land that job that you might not have thought of. It also depends on what type of a job it may be 

What is a TFP Shoot/ Collaboration Shoot 

TFP stands for Trade for Print, I also call these Collaborations and or Test Shoots. This is when a model collaborates with a photographer on a Photo project. In many cases, this also involves Hairstylists and Makeup artists. This can be for everyone to expand their portfolios. But a misconception is that this is for new photographers and models. TFP exists regardless of what level you are working on. I have been a photographer for almost 20 years so I have an extensive portfolio but the collaborations give me room to do things that I have been wanting to do and to be creative and to shoot models I have been wanting to shoot. This is a two-way street so it needs to be of value to everyone so often experienced models will do this with experienced photographers and new models with new photographers. For a new model, it can be worth paying to upgrade a portfolio. And it might be worth it for a new photographer to pay an experienced model.

I recommend write to the photographer casting director and introduce yourself and write your stats which are your bust, waist, hip measurement as well as your height. It may be that the photographer does not really care about these but in many cases, there is clothing involved, etc.. Also, enclose portfolio images or link to a place where they can be seen. 

  1. If this is not in person Write to the casting director or photographer 

I know that when I do the casting calls I get as many as over 100 responses sometimes and if someone has only responded with a -me and we have never met I am not as likely to review their potential as much as the person that makes it easy for me to find their stuff… one reason for this is that the person that writes to me will strike me as much more professional and that is important too 

  1. Image selection 

The type of model you are may have an effect on why you are not picked.. Say for instance I am casting for a romantic bridal shoot and you send me a lot of images of you in boudoir shoots. Nothing against boudoir at all but posing is very different so when sending images or showing images make sure they are geared towards what the shoot is. Simply because the posing is so different and I will need to see that you can do other things.

  1. Do you post images? 

If this is a TFP shoot the photographer and Muha’s are counting on you sharing and tagging you in the images. If this is for magazine publications some will not allow posting until after it has been published but if photographers themselves are posting you are free to. In this, what kind of following you have can possibly make a difference too. 

  1. Be natural

Having basic natural pictures with minimum makeup and natural hair is always important to include in your portfolio. Any casting director, photographer, or agency wants to see what you look like. Natural beauty does not need lots of makeup in all their images and it is hard to know what you are working with if you can’t see the actual canvas 

lovely Ashton Rosen wearing Mariahmac Designs in Collaboration

If I dont book you don’t be sad 

I have models I have used that have written to me 20 times that they want to be in shoots before I find a fit for them. It does not mean that I don’t think they are beautiful, most of the time I already have a vision of what I am looking for and that could be as simple as hair color. Height might also make a big difference.. If I am casting multiple models I make sure they are of similar height, otherwise, it does not transfer well unto pictures. It might be that legs are the important factor in a specific shoot etc. 

When I say give me a vison 

Sometimes I will post on my Facebook that I am open to new ideas and collaborations. This is an opportunity to get me to shoot what you have dreamed of. But I always get a lot of responses so it is important that you are clear with your vision. In this a simple “I want to shoot with you” is not what I am looking for. You can maybe send me a mood board link from Pinterest or something similar or tell be about what you have in mind. Because I need your vision to become mine and I am a visual person so I need something to visualize even if it is just words. It does not have to be an essay but a clear message of what you want me to do followed by your stats and images of you! 

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